Remix Your Restaurant

Website Remix

Perception is reality! Your restaurant's website can attract customers, suppliers, and services! From more clientele, better deals on ingredients, to delivery services your website can be the difference between a good week and a bad week!

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Digital Remix

Display your best menu items in a new and creative way! Seeing is believing for customers, let their mouths water before they ever place their first order with a menu monitor system that whets any appetite! Transform your dining!

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Experiential Remix

Larger than life! In a crowded mall food court, it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see! Be seen coming in the mall, be seen leaving the mall, it's all about customers seeing your food when they are ready to eat!

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Perception is Reality

What do customers, investors, and suppliers all have in common? They judge your restaurant by what they see!

Transform your website from a mere billboard to an online experience.  Go from a simple ad to a site where delivery services compete for your orders, suppliers compete to sell to you, and customers dine from.  Excel at SEO, Optimize your website, lead on Social Media and make Yelp customers come to you!

Display your menu dishes for customers to see and believe! Go from simple signage to a display that shows your best dishes, specials, and delights! Get customers appetized the moment they walk through the door!

Go Larger than Life by leading with your cuisine! Produce 24x36 menu items that customers can see coming and going from your food court or other multi-restaurant location!

Take your restaurant to the next level! We'll help take you there at Restaurant Remix!

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Restaurant Remix is a program of Lemur Technology LLC, an IT company located in Nashville TN that offers website services, internet marketing, computer repair, credit card processing, and more.  Visit the website for many more services!


"Like to say thanks to Ron for building my website and also doing all my pictures which really help my business. I get lots of customer whom said they found me on the website thanks again Ron "

Pete, Owner

Pete's Chicago Style Polish

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