Casual Dining

Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is a Vietnamese Restaurant in Nashville, TN.  We worked on their in-store digital signage, transformed their website from a single-page PDF to a multi-menu driven website to a showpiece for suppliers, investors, customers, and delivery services alike.  We also configured Google to direct customers directly to Miss Saigon, bypassing such sites as Locu and Single Platform which consistently posted incorrect prices, costing the company! We also helped add the video board!

Fast Food - Chicago Style

Pete's Chicago Style Polish

We helped Pete go from no photo displays of his food to four 24x36 posters and a dozen 11x11 tiles displaying his food dishes. His we presence went from a single personal Facebook page to  a full website, Facebook business page, and other social media. We helped Pete be competitive in a multi-restaurant environment both online and offline and help build awareness of Chicago style cuisine available in middle Tennessee!